Monday, August 1, 2011

1st ER visit

After several hours, he was ready to go
While waiting for the numbing meds to work, he fell asleep
3 stiches :(
It doesn't interfear with playing though

Liam had his first trip to the ER yesterday. He was playing with Acacia's tea set...crawling with the teapot and the teapot broke and cut his hand. It was bleeding so bad and he was so upset that I couldn't see how bad it was, so we took him to the ER. I taped some gauze over his cut before we left the house.
We arrived at the ER a little after 5pm. Thankfully Josh's parents were able to come get the girls. Hannah was really upset and they were both hungry (we were getting ready to get something to eat when it happened). About an half an hour or so later we got called back. They took our info, unwrapped the gauze...which made it start bleeding again, wrapped it back up, told us it would probably be an hour or so and sent us out to wait. Long (hungry, cranky, tired, bored) story short, 5 hours later we finally saw a doctor.
I have to admit that it was almost to much for me...seeing my baby in pain while they clean and stitch up his hand. I don't believe the numbing cream worked as well as it was supposed to. :( I got feeling a little sick to my stomach. I had to sit down after the doctor left the room.
He was such a trooper though and today it hasn't fazed him at all. I was afraid it would hurt him when I had to clean and re-dress it, but he didn't even pay me any attention.
I hope it heals fast and clean.


  1. The first stitches are the worst! Dennis thought we was going to get sick/pass out when the doctor was giving details of Caitlin's gash. But on her second cut, we found out the doctor's office can do staples....a faster and cheaper option.

    Your little man is such a trooper!

  2. It was not fun and I hope we don't have to do stiches again...on any of the kids. He was supposed to get the stiches out Monday but its not healing good. I took him to the doctor today and it is getting infected :(
    So, he is on some meds now and hopefully he will heal fast.