Monday, August 1, 2011


The kids playing in the tent one morning
Acacia resting after swimming all morning
Liam playing on his blanket
Liam taking a nap on mommys bed
Camp fire
The girls with glow-sticks by the fire

We had another relaxing camping trip at Carolina Hemlocks. I love it there. It was so packed we ended up having to camp in the upper camp-ground. Its not right on the river, but was just as nice and a bit more private. The river was just a short walk away, so we still got to swim whenever we wanted.
The weather was beautiful. Our campsite was shaded by trees, keeping it a nice temperature. Down at the river it was sunny and hot, which you want, because the river water is cold, cold. It was even warm enough at night you didn't have to bundle up.
My sister and niece came up and swam with us one day. We had a great time.
It rained the second night, but our tent is awesome and didn't leak at all. Luckly the rain stopped before we packed up.
It really was a nice, relaxing camping trip.

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