Tuesday, August 9, 2011

My children

I am so proud of my children.

4 months ago you couldn't get Acacia to get in the water past her ankles. Now she is swimming all around with her life jacket. In fact, while we were at the river today, she was practicing her dog paddle and doing her tricks...which was sticking her feet above the water. LOL  She is getting to be such a big girl.

Hannah is swimming without a life jacket. I am still a bit nervous, but today she proved to me that I don't need to worry (as much). She had been swimming all day and was looking tired out in the water. I was getting ready to swim out to her to see if she needed me to help her to shore, when she flipped over, floated on her back for a minute or two, and went back to swimming. That reassured me. (I will still worry...but isn't that my job)

She is also riding a bike without training wheels. This is a big deal. We don't have anywhere easy to learn how to ride a bike, so it has taken her a while to learn, but she has just about got it. Now to get her a bike that is actually the right size (man they grow fast!)

My little man is such a trooper. He had his stiches out and his hand is healing very nicely.
He is standing on his own. He has been able to pull up, walk along things, and maybe even let go for a few seconds, for a while. But now he stands from the ground...and he thinks it hilarious. Its so funny. He will stand and start laughing so hard he falls back on his but, which he thinks is even funnier.
I love him...he is so goofy.

I am so blessed. I love my family so much!

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