Sunday, September 11, 2011

1st time for everything

This last week we have had several "1st times" for Acacia.

She started preschool last week. She cried, I cried, but after all was said and done she loved it. (I am a little bit nervous about tomorrow, her second day, but hopefully she will remember how much she loved it)

Right now Acacia is at her first sleepover with sissy. Hannah was going to sleepover with some friends and Acacia was heart broken when I told her she was coming home with us. She wanted to stay so bad. Amber (the friends mom, and my friend) told her she could stay too. It was so cute how excited they all were. I hope they behaved themselves.

My little, shy, Acacia is starting to come out of her shell.
I love her so much.
They really do grow up so fast.

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