Monday, October 24, 2011

I must be dreaming

This is my backyard this morning. I love it. On the rare morning I don't have kids up with me, this is my favorite place to sit and have a cup of coffee.

This morning something weird happened. The sun was coming up, lighting up the trees, which I thought was so pretty, so I took a picture. I went and switched over laundry, sat down and looked outside again and it was gone. How crazy is that. Its like the sun decided to go back down. I would think I was dreaming (I am sleep deprived today) except I did take a picture.
Wild...who knows...
Anyways, hope everyone has a wonderful day.

Say a little prayer for my little prince. I have to take him to the doctor today. He won't move his arm and when I try to move it he cries. :~(

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Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Granny's visit

I have not had the time to blog about my grandma's visit to NC. We had such a great time. It had been over 3 years since we had seen my grandma, she hadn't even met Liam yet.
She got in on a Wendsday, late, so we just went home and to bed.
Thursday we just rested and hung out for the most part. I had to go to school, but I was able to visit with her all morning.
Some of my friends wanted to meet her, so Friday we had the Tupper, Scotty and Cannons over for dinner.
It was a blast. The Cannons came over early so we could shoot the shotgun (I may have called it a rifle in an earlier post, I was wrong). Fun, but man I had a bruise ha ha.
After everyone got there we had dinner and then we all played the Wii for a while. It was lots of fun.

Saturday we had a wedding to go to so my grandma went to my sisters and hung out. We met up with them for dinner after the wedding.
Sunday we took grandma to the Nature Center in Asheville. It was fun. Most of the animals were just laying around, but the cougars were playing. It was exciting to see them playing like our cats at home.
Tuesday I took grandma to TN to meet her sister so she could stay with them for a few days.
Skip forward (through boring school days) to Saturday.
Saturday we packed up the family and went to Pigeon Forge where we were to meet up with my grandma and her sister & husband to spend the weekend with them. We went to a craft fair, did a little shopping, fed ducks at the hotel, and played a few games of miniature golf. It was a really good time.
Wednesday I had to take her back to the airport. We will not wait so long between visits. It was too much. I miss her so much sometimes.

Anyways, I better go to Biology class and take this test :(
Wish me luck

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Thank God

My car has been acting funny for a while. I have taken it in and spent lots of time and money trying to figure out what's going on. Well today I had to drive to Charlotte to drop my grandma off at the airport. As I was slowing down and turning my car made a not so good sound. We were in a hurry so I just kept on. On the way home it got worse. After I picked Hannah up from the bus stop it sounded like something was rattling in my wheel and when I tried to back up I had to force it.
After Josh came home (I called him and had him pick up Acacia, I wasn't going to drive the explorer anymore. It was making me very uneasy) we pulled the wheel off and found that one of the bolts that was supposed to hold the break "boot" on had fallen out.
Thank you God we made it home without anything bad happening.

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Thursday, October 6, 2011

Good times

Band Hero
Josh and 3 of his sisters
Amy and James
Acacia, Granny, and Hannah (she liked the hat they made me wear lol)

We have been having a great time with granny. Friday we had some friends over for a bbq. I wanted them to meet my grandma. We had a blast. Amber and Carl came over early so Carl could show us how to shoot a rifle. That was fun...I have the bruise on my shoulder to prove it ha ha. No, it really was fun. I would like to practice a little more so its second nature and I don't feel so awkward.
Once everyone else started showing up we put the gun away and started the grill.
After we ate it started getting chilly, so we headed inside. My grandma had never see a Wii before so we played some Just Dance for a while, then got our Band Hero stuff out. So fun.

Saturday we had a wedding to go to. Josh's sister Amy was getting married. Granny went to my sisters to hang out.
The wedding was beautiful. Stupid me forgot the camera so the only pictures I have are on my phone, which does not do it justice.

Sunday we met my sister and niece at the nature center in Asheville. It was a little chilly, but we still had fun. The kids did activity books, doing things like finding different leaves and drawing animals...and earned their Wild Child badges. They were so excited. Of course, we knew they were wild children ha ha.
After the nature center we took granny to our favorite mexican restaurant, Pappa's N Beer. Yummy! Of course since my birthday was Monday, they had them sing to me. They don't just sing to you though, you get to wear the sombrero and they take a spoonful of your dessert and put it in our face. Funny...I had whipped cream in my nose for hours LOL.

Tuesday I took granny to Tennessee to stay with her sister for a few days. Now I need to get caught up on house work and homework.

Grandmas. How could we live without them. I sure love mine :)