Monday, November 28, 2011

Its beginning to look a lot like Christmas

Like most people we put up our Christmas decorations after Thanksgiving. We are not quite done yet, though. We still have the outside to do. I am excited to start seeing lights up everywhere. That's one of my favorite parts of the season, looking at lights.

Thanksgiving was nice. We had it at our house with most of Josh's family.
Josh and his sister braved the crowds for black friday, but were home by midnight. Then Friday morning we put up our tree with the kids. Liam napped through most of it, but I figure that was probably a good thing. I was afraid he might think since we touched the ornaments to put them on the tree, then he could play with them. He has been really good so far about not messing with any decorations. We wrapped some presents last night and put them under the tree, hopefully he won't mess with them.
After we put up our tree we headed over to my sisters house to visit with them. Our families decided this year not to have a second Thanksgiving turkey and stuff. We decided to go out to eat at a mexican restaurant my sister and her family really like. It was yummy. We had a good time.

Josh's sister had her baby shower Saturday. It turned out nice. They got a lot of nice things. Next time they come home I have all sorts of hand me downs for them to take :~)

The rest of the weekend was spent hanging out with friends, doing housework, putting up more Christmas decorations, and doing homework.
I believe we were enjoying our time off so much that nobody was ready to get back to real life. Ha ha. But we must.
I only have about two weeks left of the semester and then I have almost a month break before the next semester starts. That will be nice and kind of necessary for my poor fried, overwhelmed brain.

I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving weekend.

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Tuesday, November 1, 2011


To start the evening of trick or treat fun we had 2 sick kids and a cranky teething toddler. Super.
Liam hated wearing his hat and would cry the whole time it was on at first.
Acacia was being argumentative and Hannah was sick.
Poor Hannah wanted to go so bad, but felt so bad she couldn't even stand while I did her hair :(.  After doping her up a little she felt a little bit better, so we headed out.
First we ran by Josh's grandpa's house. By the time we got there Liam was starting to get used to the whole idea of trick or treating. After we visited for a few minutes we went over to our church for trunk or treat. The kids had a ton of candy already, but we wanted to try to see our friends at a different church's trunk or treat.
The other church was awesome (not that our church wasn't great). We trunk or treated several rows of cars, then went on a hay ride.
By the time we were done with the hay ride, we were cold and Hannah was exhausted.
We stopped by Josh's parents real quick and then headed home.
The kids were so tired they didn't even go through their candy last night. I'm sure they will be ready to go through it after school :~)

I hope everyone and a fun, safe Halloween.