Saturday, December 24, 2011

Wide awake

At around 5:30 this morning I woke up to Liam talking in his sleep. Every time I would try to go back to sleep he would make some more noise. So here I am, wide awake.

The mind wonders when the house is silent.

I was thinking how much I love my kids.
How I need to cut my husband a little slack.
How much I would love to have a in-ground pool and when I am finished with school maybe we can get one.
That I am excited to see the kids reaction tomorrow morning.
How much I loved that Acacia got super excited last night when she saw baby Jesus in someones nativity.
I am happy that she even knows who baby Jesus is.
We need to go to church more.
I miss my family.
I wish all of my family would get along.
I wish my dad was still alive, because there is so much I want to tell him. I want my kids to know him.
I wish my grandpa was still alive. Helping Josh's grandpa every week makes me miss mine terribly.
The power of prayer is amazing.
I was thinking how lame it was that our Walmart had to take down their Christmas tree because someone was offended. How did our world get to the place that someone can be offended by someones birthday party? And why do we care so much that we hide it. If someone said they were offended that I was celebrating my daughters birthday at the park, could I get rid of the balloons, I would tell them they are crazy and laugh. But no way would I get rid or anything or stop celebrating.
I was thinking that as much as I try to be a good person, I still have a lot of work to do.
I wish it would start snowing right now and not stop until after Christmas.
I wish my friends ex would leave him alone and move on..."go sell crazy somewhere else"
I wonder if you ate onions and garlic everyday for a while, how long would you smell like onions and garlic after you stopped eating them ;~)

I guess that's it.
Hmm...weird, long, rambling post.
Sorry :)

Have a great Christmas everyone!

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