Monday, March 19, 2012

Beach trip

Acacia is super excited to be at the beach.

After a few minutes and a little coaxing, Liam realized he loved the beach too.

The kids watching for another dolphin.

I love baby feet.

Playing at the playground at the beach.

Pretending they are riding sea animals.

Just about the moment Liam realized that he loved the water and continued to run straight in it, over and over.

Forget sand castles, lets make a big hole.

Liam loved new cousin Tanner.

We had such a blast at the beach. We definitely need to go again soon. Getting to meet baby Tanner was great. He is such a cutie and I loved getting my "baby fix".

Sweet sissy

Liam wouldn't go to bed for my mother in law, so Hannah laid on the couch with him.
Love it! So sweet.