Friday, May 11, 2012

Break time

I am so glad that semester is over. Chemistry was not my friend. (Although, I managed to pull a B in in...somehow) Now time for a break, sort of. I am trying to do spring cleaning during this week. *sigh* It isn't working out how I imagined. First of all it has been rainy and dreary for a few days and I didn't know how exhausted I was. I spent two days doing nothing (other than my normal day to day mom craziness).
I am reading a book. Ha! Not even a school related book. I need to finish it though, quickly. After my CNA orientation they gave us homework. The first day of school isn't even until next week and I already have homework. Oh, well.

My sister was kind enough to take my children and I to this little traveling petting zoo that came to town last weekend. It was cute and the kids loved it.

The kids got to hold a real live baby lion! He was so adorable, I could have just put him in my pocket and took him home.
This was a really big deal for Hannah because she is a little obsessed with big cats.

My kids and my niece with a monkey.
The monkey was being a little cranky so they didn't get to hold him much.
Liam looks so thrilled LOL. He did NOT like the noise maker they used to get the animals to look at the photographer.

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