Friday, November 9, 2012

A day in the life...

I titled my blog page "A day in the life of a stay at home mom". Pretty boring right?
Here is my day today...
Today is Acacia's 5th birthday, rewind to last night after school (9pm) I am making a run to the store for a present, card, and stuff to make her cherry cupcakes with chocolate icing (her pick).
Anyways, this morning while Hannah is getting ready for school, I am decorating the house for Acacia's birthday. A birthday sign, balloons and a princess tablecloth. Not much, but it was all I can afford right now.
Acacia wakes up, sees the decorations and loves them.
Fast forward to breakfast. (In between all the fast forwards I am trying to do a paper that is due tomorrow)
I make Acacia her favorite breakfast. Sausage. Easy to please :)
So her and her brother start eating sausage and drinking chocolate milk or strawberry milk. I go back to homework. Liam starts coughing, which leads to vomit. Yea, vomit by 9am. As if we didn't deal with that enough last week from Acacia.
So, to sum it up: Acacia's birthday, big clinical paper due tomorrow, cupcakes still to make, vomiting 2 year old. I wish being a stay at home mom was boring sometimes....