Monday, April 8, 2013

Life update

 After Christmas, we went up in the mountains to take the kids sledding. We haven't had much snow (at that time), but we found a place to play. My kids haven't been sledding other than just in our yard and they were super excited. We all had a great time (except my sister-in-law got hurt).

Josh and Hannah went on a field trip with Hannah's school to Washington D.C. They had a great time. Such a good time, in fact, that Josh is already planning a family trip up there. Ha ha.

Easter was nice this year. Josh's sister was in town and we got to visit with them some. Unfortunately my niece had the flu so we didn't get to spend time with them until later.

After Easter was spring break. Yay! a break from school. We took the kids on vacation to TN.

This is the kids at Dollywood. We had never been there and it was a lot of fun.

We all love to play miniature golf. This is one of the places we played (Hannah took the picture).

My niece finally got over the flu and we had an egg hunt at our house. The kids love finding the eggs. In fact they had so much fun I think a summer scavenger hunt might be in the works ;-)

So there was the short sweet version of the last few months. It has been busy. I really enjoyed spring break and kind of dread going to class tonight. But...back to reality :)

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